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Mr. Impossible
Recent Entries 
9th-Nov-2012 09:28 am - love
You can spend all your time agonizing over when you'll find love or you can trust that it will always feel like it was worth the wait.
4th-Jul-2012 03:31 pm(no subject)
desire shrinks the hart, love makes it swell
2nd-Jul-2012 02:47 pm(no subject)
We can only improve ourselves but we need others to make us want to.
27th-Jun-2012 05:15 pm(no subject)
Love is the one you can't live without.
27th-Jun-2012 10:51 am(no subject)
You have to fall pretty hard before you find you can fly.
12th-Jun-2012 11:55 pm(no subject)
The lights went out and I was suddenly aware of darkness and its greeting of infinity
7th-Jun-2012 01:12 am(no subject)
Drink from me all you can, I am a cup that never empties.
6th-Jun-2012 12:44 am(no subject)
I don't mind knowing something has ended but I can't stand not knowing when it begins.
5th-Jun-2012 03:29 pm(no subject)
You take me for granted because you think I'll hang around forever. And you're right.
3rd-Jun-2012 11:08 pm(no subject)
It's hard to let go of what you love because then you have to watch it fall to its death.
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